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1,000-year-old tradition in a drink


The power of ginger, ginseng, cardamom and guarana makes Jamu No3 a natural energizer. Ginseng and ginger are believed to accelerate the metabolism and boost production of the ‘happy hormone’ – Serotonin while increasing the concentration and stamina. Guarana can alleviate the senses and is a true stimulant, 5 times as strong as caffeine. Other ingredients include black pepper, nutmeg, and chilli essential oils and micro-nutrients, which are known to improve the blood circulation and to speed up the heart rate. On top of that, all the herbs in Jamu No3 share the same quality – Kamasutra describes them as effective aphrodisiacs. 

Apart from exclusive herbs and spices, this drink owes its unique taste to lemon, chokeberry and juniper extracts. Jamu No3 contains raw cane sugar and has 25 kcal per 100 millilitres.


Ingredients: carbonated mineral water, raw cane sugar*, lemon juice concentrate*, chokeberry juice concentrate*, spice extracts (chilli*, curcuma*, ginseng*, ginger*, coriander*, cardamon*, nutmeg*, pepper*), guarana extract*,  natural juniper flavour*, stabilizer: pectin and locust bean gum*. 


*from controlled organic farming

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