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As the founder of JAMU Organic Spices, my job is to make sure that the core values of our brand are not only in line with our own products but also with whomever we collaborate or recommend to our audience. We build our success on the highest quality of organic ingredients, as well as sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. We are convinced that innovative thinking combined with a collaborative, global mindset allows us, our partners and the products we recommend to meet the expectations of a highly demanding and informed customer base.

Because of these and many more reasons that I will outline further below, The Alqemist is a brand that I can wholeheartedly recommend. Both our companies rely on the power of plants known from ancient times and becoming the future of health and wellness products. The Alqemist works with the world’s purest raw materials and has perfected its processing down to the last detail. For JAMU Organic Spices, the choice of a hemp plant extract to complement our list of herbal ingredients was a conscious continuation of the original JAMU Wellness idea to combine ancient Indonesian and Ayurvedic recipes with scientific knowledge. Both I and the co-founders of The Alqemist – Julian Baladurage and Philipp Berger – regard hemp as one of the most potent herbs that have been used since ancient times. We use this knowledge together with the latest findings of modern science to create modern, innovative products.

At a level of 99.7%, CBD extract has the highest purity in the world. To guarantee its pharmaceutical quality, the hemp used by The Alqemist is produced ecologically and sustainably within the EU; avoiding the usage of agricultural chemicals, pesticides and genetic engineering. They promise to optimize their products by combining neutral and natural flavours with the highest purity on the market. Furthermore, The Alqemist is certified to meet the GMP (Good manufacturing practices) requirements and offers solely non-psychoactive and EU approved products.

The personalized care and attention to detail are visible in every single purchase at To provide customers with peace of mind and transparency, every single batch produced is tested by independent laboratories and every purchased product comes with purity certificates. On top of that, all products are hand-packed, hand-sealed and hand-checked, proving that attention to detail is more than just a buzz-word.

CBD – SPRAY “FOCUS” allows you to escape the stress of everyday life with just a few sprays under your tongue. It combines a variety of highly effective ingredients that offer a range of excellent health benefits. Nanoemulsified hydrogen-based cannabidiol is a herbally derived compound of East Asian medicine. This CBD product combines modern Western science with traditional East Asian medicine. The recipe owes its sweet, fruity taste to the goji berry. Thanks to its sleek and slim design, The Alqemist CBD spray fits into every pocket. The spray nozzle guarantees quick, uncomplicated ingestion and an immediate effect.

The Alqemist CBD – OIL (10%) contains natural MCT oil, extracted from coconuts to provide a neutral, gentle flavour and to ensure its optimal bio-availability. The oil is 100% vegan & gluten and THC free thanks to a special scientific extraction process.

The “AMBER KUSH” CBD – TEA BUDS are distinguished by a naturally fruity aroma: the scents of fresh lemons, limes and a hint of oranges. The Amber Kush comes from Switzerland and grows with the utmost care under the best possible conditions. On top of that, it has made it onto the approved EU hemp variety list. After harvest, the tea buds are gently dried and fermented and have a CBD content of 5%, with less than 0.2% THC. The product is completely vegan & gluten-free.

Last but not least, the “SAPHIRE HAZE” CBD – TEA BUDS come with an oaky, fruity aroma: a scent of berries, together with a hint of pine, allowing you to relax easier. No agricultural chemicals, pesticides and other chemicals are used in the farming process and only ecologically sustainable and non-genetically modified seeds are used. The Alqemist Saphire Haze comes from Switzerland, has a CBD content of 6% and contains less than 0.2% THC. It’s vegan, gluten-free, and has made it into the approved EU hemp variety list.

Besides a passion for quality, The Alqemist and JAMU Organic Spices share more crucial values, such as the drive to continuously optimize our products and to make sure that we keep developing the best items on the market by collecting and implementing feedback from our cherished customer base.

It is also fundamentally important to both JAMU Organic Spices and our friends at The Alqemist to strive for sustainable and bio-degradable/reusable packaging materials as much as possible: For every CBD Alqemist product sold, one tree is planted in collaboration with “One Tree Planted”, a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation.

After such a great introduction to the products available at, we need something even bigger for the grand finale. Another thing that we share with Julian Baladurage and Philipp Berger is the deep faith we have in the power of nature and its products that affect, heal and improve our MIND, BODY & SOUL in a holistic way. This faith is both the founding stone of the ancient jamu practice (read more about its origins in our article here) and stands behind every product of The Alqemist. We deeply believe in the use of extracts from plants that have been tried and tested since ancient times. By combining traditional herbal wisdom with the latest findings in modern science, we improve people’s lives and contribute to making the world a better place.

Kevin Singh Witzorek

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